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Backup Solutions - Awaken IT

If the worst was to happen, how would you recover your business-critical data and systems?

Very often, businesses data isn’t secure on a tried and tested reliable backup platform. Backups should be a key cornerstone of any company’s IT strategy and regular invocation/testing is critical to ensure the system is working and the information can be recovered.

Awaken IT Cloud Backup is a modern, scale-able solution designed for business. As a cloud based solution it removes the need for external hard drives, tapes or physical media onsite. Your data will be securely encrypted before leaving your site and then stored and replicated across two data centres for maximum resilience.

Awaken IT Cloud Backup can back-up a single machine or image an entire server including the data, operating systems and more. Awaken IT Cloud Backup will also email you to confirm success or failure for your backup jobs, giving you maximum peace of mind.